The MCS Advantage


Why Mobile Canning Systems Affiliates?

By utilizing the services of MCS’s Affiliates, craft producers can focus on making their craft product while preserving their precious capital, space, and management resources. We can bring the canning equipment, expertise, and any needed supplies to deliver fast, reliable production canning that expands your market opportunities. Honing our craft since 2011, together we have delivered more cans for more breweries than all the rest of the mobile canning companies combined. Our focus on quality and our resource network is unmatched.

As of July 2015, there are 17 MCS Affiliates, utilizing 25 canning lines, each independently owned working together to further the Mobile Canning Industry. The strength and success of Mobile Canning Systems is directly attributed to the Affiliates of Mobile Canning Systems. Each affiliate has brought their own unique skills and experiences back into the group and we have seen the quality and buying power of Mobile Canning Systems affiliates grow, enabling all of us to provide a better, more efficient and cost effective service.

Why Cans?

Over 500 craft breweries across the country now offer their beer in cans. The perception that “beer from a bottle just tastes better” has faded as the craft enthusiast understands that the can is a better vessel as it keeps out light and oxygen better. According to, a website dedicated to news and reviews for the “Canned Beer Revolution,” there are enormous benefits to canning craft beer.


  • actually lock in the flavor of beer better than even dark glass bottles
  • are more environmentally friendly
  • are easier to recycle and require less packaging
  • are cheaper for the brewery and distributor to ship
  • weigh less and don’t break
  • are easier and more convenient to bring along on outdoor activities such as camping, disc golf, hiking, a day at the beach, and any other activity that affords you the luxury of enjoying good beer
  • get cold pretty damn quick and take up less space in your fridge!